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The benefits of trees far outweigh the drawbacks; however, there are some dangers or hazards that are inherent in trees. For example, trees can fall and damage homes or property, or worse—injure people or animals. Most trees do not and will not fall,  however; the risk is there, particularly in times of "SNOW", hurricanes, tropical or severe storms. We can help you determine if your tree is at risk. Additionally, we can provide post-storm cleanup to safely remove fallen trees or branches.

As a property owner, caring for your trees and knowing the risk is your responsibility. The following information will help you determine if you have a potential hazard with your tree; however, you should consult with us to accurately assess your risk and determine what your tree care needs are.

Is My Tree a Hazard?

  • Does my tree have a dead branch or branches?
  • Are there any branches detached, but still hanging in my tree that could fall?
  • Is there any rotten wood in my tree (especially on the trunk or large branches)?
  • Does my tree have any parasites such as mushrooms near the base?
  • Does my tree have splits or cracks where the branches intersect with the trunk?
  • Are there any other trees in close proximity to my tree that have recently died or fallen?
  • Is my tree leaning in one direction?
  • Do most of the branches originate from the same side of my tree?
  • Has my tree been excessively pruned?
  • Does the leaf growth on my tree appear normal or unusual in color or sizing?

Be Aware of These Common Tree Hazard Signs:

  • Re-growth in a pruned or trimmed area
  • Proximity to a power line
  • Broken or hanging branches
  • Open cavities on the tree
  • Branches that appear dead or dying
  • Trunk decay
  • Tree leaning heavily in one direction

Decayed tree                         Mushrooms on tree trunk  

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Tree Work in Hampton Roads
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Tree Care Tips
Preventative maintenance is the best way to preserve the vitality and longevity of your trees and often times, homeowners wait until it's too late.  We provide expert Tree Trimming, Hazardous Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Preservation, Tree Pruning, crown reduction, Cabling, Rod bracing and flexible & rigid bracing services with our highly qualified professionals, giving your trees the best care available.

If you have a tree that you suspect may be unstable, diseased, decayed or otherwise unhealthy CONTACT US!

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